Game NOT Over

The gaming world is perhaps the most suitable venue to meet the amazing capabilities of Augmented Reality. The unprecedented combination between technology, reality and virtual environment creates a variety of layers, acting together in synergy over the physical sphere, and become embedded in daily life. The result is a gaming experience, activating all the senses, that is almost un-perceivable.

 And yet, Augmented Reality is here to stay, and the applications developed in this technology have particularly impressive plans for the future.

Imagine a whole world revealed before your eyes, and transpires literally between your fingers. A world in which printed or still images take on a new dimension, come to life. The accelerated pace of development in Augmented Reality places this unique technology in the forefront, with the gaming sector being its best representative.

What does that mean?

Imagine that Jon Snow from Game of Thrones walks around in your real-life room; that Harry Potter’s wand is places on your desk, or that Messi, the legendary soccer player, crosses over to your home field. Outreaching imagination? Not really. This is the new reality of the gaming world. This is how you can experience and live the game on a much more realistic level, and become an integral part of it. In fact, Augmented Reality turns the game into an inseparable part of your life, a type of spectacular interactive mix that completely changes the rules of the game.

The main unique element of these applications is the ability to play from anywhere and anytime. You no longer have to stick to the computer screen at home, since the applications are Android and iOS based, and can be also used from the Smartphone and the Tablet. Developing games integrating Augmented Reality applications enable to provide the gamer a new dimension experience, with fascinating digital and interactive effect, embedded in various layers of the game.

What else is waiting ahead? A lot! You can already enjoy an exciting gaming experience, but in the near future you will be able to discover the power of Augmented Reality. As a company specializing in the gaming market and the children world, we work on developing exclusive applications, that are about to lead a real revolution.