Virtual Reality – Groundbreaking Interactive Experience

We do not always need to relocate in order to change reality. Virtual Reality – the technology that was introduced quite many years ago, continues to develop rapidly and provides us today with unique experiences everywhere. The latest innovations in the field enable us today to enter virtual reality through our smart-phones screens, designated eye glasses or advanced lenses and to join, at any given time, a new, fascinating world.

Unlike augmented reality that creates new interactive reality, in virtual reality one can, through the sense of sight, experience a different type of reality. Entering the virtual world, by using available technological devices, enables us to sense a new world of experiences that envelop us with sights and sounds and allow us to move from one reality to another in an instant.

The new developments in the field make the experience even more intense and exciting. These are not only the effects seen on the TV and cinema screens, which have become almost obvious, but much more than that. The significance is unprecedented since nowadays any person can wear a pair of eye-glasses and live in his or her own dream-world – to sail a boat at the heart of a stormy sea, fight gladiators or fly in the air, while still standing in his or her own living room.

If adventures are an inseparable part of your dreams, it is time to make them a reality. We, at BIM, are about to introduce you to some very exciting surprises, with a click of a button, and that is only the beginning…