Playing out of box

Lara, an educational card game upgraded by augmented reality

Lara is a nature girl who introduces the children to the wonders of animal world, has become a most popular character among children. The memory game named after her has a traditional look of a card game, with 40 to 80 cards. Yet augmented reality turns it interactive as the child plays, with the the figures go tridimensional. This enables the child to communicate with Lara, who gives him an interactive learning experience.

The application allows the child to learn about all the figures on the cards by pushing a virtual button, and even taking and sharing a selfie with his favorite animal.

Lara memory games are available in many versions, such as with dinosaurs, jungle animals, sea animals, numbers and alphabet.

All games’ contents were written by Neta Siloni, a well- known writer of educational games and other educational materials for young children.