Augmented Reality – Change Your Reality

A house where you can see everything which happens in the world, with no need of TV: empty walls that can come alive instantly, will inform you about anything which goes on everywhere in the world; 

• Traveling in the world, with all the necessary information visible to you anytime and everywhere, and to you alone;

• A job interview controlled by the interviewee. So far, the employer could question you about everything, while you knew nothing about him. From now on, augmented reality allows you to obtain information about your potential employer, while you are interviewed!

• Even more amazingly, this technology will allow everyone to engage in any occupation he or she likes, such as a pilot or a surgeon, since it will provide all necessary information in real time.

• Games which you can not only play, but actually get into, talking and interacting with their characters. 

What makes all this possible is the exclusive technology BIM is developing. Its special applications provide real time, multilayer textual and visual information.

Such a technology is about to become a household item soon, increasingly decreasing the uncertainly in all our activities, from learning, through traveling, medical treatments, to dating. In short, we are going to live in an augmented reality, so it is worth looking forward to!