About us


Brand It Media, or BIM, was founded in 2015 by Bar Azulay and Yoni Tayar, two well-known developers of digital media products and services. Currently, BIM runs three international development centers, based in China, India and Egypt, specializes in developing augmented reality and virtual reality applications for private customers and organization all over the world. Its services covers the entire development process, from the product’s initial development, through technical details, to recording, translating and graphics.

Our vision

BIM believes that that the key to developing the younger generation’s intellect and creative imagination, and eventually to new world-changing scientific revolutions, is responsible use of technology in education. This is why the target audience of our applications are children.

Our goal is creating media applications which could make people see their world differently, through intelligent use of technology.

Our products

We offer augmented reality and virtual reality applications with a variety of contents such as education, gaming, health, design, sports, transportation, travel and advertising.

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